International Postal Workshops (Benchmarking and Networking)

Due to the new market demands, Posts have to be more inter-operable and customer focused. Posts are each other's biggest customer and supplier. Very soon Posts have to pay the market price to be served in other Postal markets but will also require outstanding service from each other. And due to the liberalisation of the Postal Market, Posts have to earn more than before customer's loyalty.
Postal management has therefore to change its Operational and Sales strategy. This change is already happening amongst the leaders of the Postal industry, but not always amongst the others in the world.
E-BISS INTERNATIONAL is therefore focusing to be the "vehicle" of Posts to help those realizing quicker results for improving quality of service and stronger customer response amongst Posts especially in Central Europe, South America, Far East and developing countries.
E-BISS INTERNATIONAL has built an expertise of organising workshops and conferences based on the benchmarking methodology, giving the opportunity to Posts to meet each other and exchange ideas of specific aspects of the postal business. By comparing differences in practice, all participants can relate directly to what would be the best practice in their own circumstances. You can read more about the "Advantages of Postal Benchmarking" in the Solynews edition of June 2013 French version or by clicking here, English version here
We organise workshops on items like:
  • Postal Delivery – the Last Mile
  • Change Management
  • The impact of Regulations in the postal market
  • Customer awareness
  • Quality (of Service) Management
  • People Issues
  • And many other items

E-BISS INTERNATIONAL is also organising benchmarking tours, seminars and conferences and training sessions, where Posts can meet and discuss common problems and solve interoperable hick ups.


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